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We get it, cavities are the worst – cue dental fillings!

Take care of decay

Putting off cavity treatment can be detrimental to your oral health, and can cause lasting, sometimes irreversible damage to your teeth. If you have a tooth that’s broken, is showing signs of decay, or perhaps you have an old dental filling in need of replacement, we’re here to assist. We use tooth-coloured (composite) dental fillings that are discreet, and designed to blend in with your natural teeth.

What to expect when you come in for a dental filling

To ensure you’re comfortable, we typically administer a local anesthetic. This procedure is also known as freezing or numbing to the work area. Most dental fillings are completed in one of two ways: a direct filling, or an indirect filling.

Types of filling materials

We provide several different dental filling materials including:

Single-visit dental fillings

Direct fillings go right into the cavity space after the decayed tooth structure is cleaned out. The material we use hardens quickly; therefore, this type of filling is completed in one appointment. Indirect fillings also referred to as inlays/onlays, or dental crowns, are manufactured at our clinic using CAD/CAM technology. This means that you can have your indirect filling completed in one visit, avoiding the need for a temporary filling, a second appointment, and more importantly, a second freezing – now, that’s something to smile about!

Dental fillings usually last for a number of years before they need to be replaced. The wear and tear of your dental filling succumbs over time to chewing. In addition, if you suffer from clenching or grinding of your teeth, your dental fillings may have to be replaced at a much earlier stage. Protect your dental fillings by maintain good oral care. If a filling is broken, contact us immediately to have it repaired. Chewing with a broken dental filling can cause detrimental damage and require additional repair.

If you are experiencing tooth pain, you may have a cavity that needs proper attention, contact us for an appointment today – 306-764-1882.

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